Butt Putty Crack Filler Gel F9208

Product Data Sheet

Butt Putty® Crack Filler Gel is an easy to use lightweight two-part epoxy for trowel application.

  1. Butt Putty is used to fill, bond and reinforce cracks and voids in concrete structures, masonry and wood.
  2. Butt Putty® can be used to bond metals and plastics when surfaces have been abraded.
  3. Butt Putty® gets very hard when cured, yet still has good impact resistance and no shrinkage.
  4. Butt Putty also has good water, chemical and heat resistance.
  5. Butt Putty® is used for filling larger cracks and voids, regardless of position.
  6. Butt Putty’s consistency eliminates slumping or sagging so it can be applied to vertical surfaces and even undersurfaces.
  7. Butt Putty® is non-shrinking and will bond to most rigid materials
  8. Butt Putty® can be sanded or sawed when cured

• Use on masonry to repair cracks and breaks

• Use as a mortar to seal pipe penetrations, anchor railings and wall mountings

• Use on wood to fill splits and knot holes in railings and posts

• Rebuild windowsills

• Plug leaks in masonry ponds & fountains

• Bond metal to metal

• Use on metal and plastic to seal joints and repair breaks

Product Data

Mix Ratio                          Use equal parts of A & B

Pot Life                              One hour at 70° F

Cure Temp                         50° F

Minimum Cure Time             6-8 Hours

Total Solids                         97% by volume

VOC                                     3 0 g/l

Shelf Life                             More than One Year


The mix ratio for Butt Putty® Crack Filler Gel is a convenient equal part mixture of part A and part B.  Mix parts A and B (use a spoon or spatula) and place side by side on flat metal or plastic surface.  Clean each utensil after first use to avoid contaminating the other part.  Use spatula to mix the two portions repeatedly until the color is uniform.  Repeatedly scrape material from surface, turn over and mix again.


Remove loose material, dirt, water, oil or grease from the area to be repaired.  Enlarge small cracks.  Arrange broken pieces for easier reassembly.  Use a spatula to fill smaller cracks and voids by pushing the Butt Putty® into it from each side.  On larger voids, coat the sides and bottom first then add stone or pieces of block or brick as filler, add more Butt Putty and so on until full.

If you have too much Butt Putty® without enough reinforcing material and it begins to sag, brace a form against surface and let cure.  A finish coat can then be applied after form is removed.  It is easier to leave an excess of material to be sanded smooth later than to achieve a smooth surface initially when making larger repairs.  When near the surface place a piece of polyester fabric (cut to fit) into the crack and topcoat until smooth and even with the surface.

Working time of mixed Gel is 45 minutes

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