Our Motley Crew….


We think it would be nice if you are able to put a face with a voice if you ever need to call……..

Here are some of the people who work at Pro Guard Coatings



 This is Sue, she is the
VP of Operations and
keeps everything

Hal is the President of
Pro Guard
His main focus is on
R & D
and Tech Service. He has
relentlessly on UV for
the past 7
years and has been
successful in
bringing UV for
Floor, Glass and
Plastic to the
forefront of our
Product mix.


Dave is our Technical Director/Chemist.
He works hard formulating new and
 exciting products we can bring to the
market. His main focus right now is
UV Coatings. Although challenging
 work, I believe he would rather
be Fly Fishing.

The “Lab Guys”…..
   from left to right;
   Mike, Dave, Scott and Hal

Moving product
out the door


Greg doing some field work for Scott.
Here he’s driving back & forth over a new product. Scott says if it doesn’t break up under the forklift, it wont break up.

Greg outback looking
for the Groundhog!

Ralph  makes all of our products. He has worked at Pro Guard longer than anyone else including Hal, the president, because Ralph worked for Hal’s Dad also.

Pro Guard Coatings is located in a rural part of Southeastern Pennsylvania, here’s Dave coming in on a beautiful spring morning!


Ralph and Scott at the Ball Game, with those shirts they could be in the Islands!

Bill and Tony
always work

at Pro Guard




      Cecelia & Georgia looking way to serious! 


Jess, our Truck Driver,
has a very commanding,
low, booming voice.
He always tells everybody…”Hey,
thanks for comming in”  

Jess has
Mike and Jay
as a very

Hal and Pete
discussing the
newly applied
UV Floor Coating

Always check our News section for information on new products!

We had a very nice
Christmas Lunch 

Coming soon: Barry and  Sam. 


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