ProFlex Primer F1519/2 and Liquid Rubber
for Modified Asphalt Roll Roofing


Torch Down and APP roll roofing are modified asphalt products that experience chalking and then crack as a result of UV degradation.  If these products are coated before they reach the cracking stage their life expectancy can be considerably extended.  Coating selection and climate zone, however, are very important considerations.  Solvent containing coatings should not come in direct contact with asphalt products unless they also contain asphalt.  Since asphalt products are thermoplastic, top coating them with incompatible products can lead to early failure in areas that experience winter temperatures down to 0° F

A coating system that can be used in climate zones that do not experience below 0° F temperatures consists of the following:

Primer: 1519 Pro Flex Primer for asphalt, spread at 90 sq. ft./gallon.

Topcoat: Liquid EPDM Rubber; 9981 White, 9988 Gray, 9999 Black

spread at 45 sq. ft./gallon.

This combination will produce an average 37 mil dry film thickness.

Modified Asphalt Roll Roofing was developed as an alternative to the use of hot melt tars.  Although it was an improvement over the hot melt it still suffers from the accelerated weathering characteristic of asphalt products.  Patching and recoating of asphalt roofs has primarily been done with cold applied asphalt based coatings.  Their thermoplastic nature and low UV resistance, however, produce only short term fixes while adding weight and making future repairs more difficult.

The F1519/2 ProFlex Primer for Asphalt Roofs makes it possible to apply Pro Guard Coatings’ Liquid EPDM Rubber product in place of the cold applied asphalt coatings.  This will result in a white, heat reflective and much more durable surface.

The F1519/2 Proflex Primer for Asphalt Roofs is a flexible epoxy filled with finely ground rubber.  It will bond to and stabilize the weathered surface and create a barrier to any solvent penetration when the Liquid EPDM Rubber Coating is applied.


Cut and remove any loose material.  Low spots may be filled by using multiple layers of Butyl Tape or the F1519 Proflex Primer itself.  The 1519 can also be used as an adhesive to re-adhere loose membrane.

Mix Parts A & B according to label directions and pour the mixture on roof surface; distribute the material with a rubber edged squeegee and follow up with an adhesive roller to make sure that the entire surface is coated.  Be aware that the pot life of the mixed Proflex Primer can be less than 1 hour depending on temperature.

Use a polyester fabric to lay into the wet Proflex to reinforce all cuts and areas that are cracked and weak.

Allow the 1519 Primer to cure overnight and apply the Liquid EPDM Rubber topcoat while the primer is still tacky on the surface.

NOTE: The above procedure is not recommended for use in climate zones that experience temperatures below zero degrees F.

The above data is gathered in a controlled Laboratory environment. Your conditions will vary. Pot Life, Gel Time, Dry Time and Cure Time will all be affected by ambient as well as surface temperatures. Higher temperatures shorten the time you have to work with the product. Always mix thoroughly and immediately pour out of the container onto the surface to be coated. Only mix the amount you can easily spread within 30 minutes.

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